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You can apply for a Quickloan365 loan any time of the day. Application for Quickloan365 Loans are 24/7. However, receiving the loan funds is dependent on the application/attestation credibility assessment process.
Our primary means of identification for all our website users is the BVN (Bank Verification Number). We use the BVN of our borrowers ONLY for the purposes of identification.
You must be in a paid employment, your age should be between 22 and 55 years, you must have an active salary account, you must have a pension account.
Letter of Employment, Confirmation, Promotion, Redeployment, Salary Increase OR Introduction Letter from Employer’s HR to Quickloan365 Salary bank statement for the last 6 months You must have a good credit history One recent passport photograph (within the last 6 months) Staff Identification card Pension OR Tax Identification number Utility Bill (PHCN, Water bill, LAWMA bill OR Rent Agreement) Valid Proof of Identification (current ECOWAS Passport, National Identification, Driver’s License or Voters ID)
When your loan application has been processed and successfully approved, the funds are transferred to your submitted account. However, if you wish to repay earlier than the due date or on the due date, sign into your Quickloan365 account, click on the "Repay Loan" widget or the "Repay Loan" link under "My Loans". A table will appear with your active loan information. Click on the "Repay Loan" button. Follow the instructions that follow after for repayment. Early repayment does not imply that the terms of your loan obligation will change.
It is important for us to send your approved loan funds to your provided account Quickloan365! We request bank account details as that is where we will disburse funds to, if and when your loan is approved.
If you successfully repaid your previous loan on time, you can re-apply for another loan immediately.

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